Look Inside


Poems of the Heart, Soul, and Mind

by Roy Peach

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Poetry is hovering beneath the skin if we only look inside.

In those periods of calm, the mind can travel. It will often wander to places you'd rather it didn't. In a bid to help, when he foresaw his own dark period ahead over the Christmas period, Roy settled down to increase his daily writing practice. This book is the result - a small selection of the hundreds of poems and pieces crafted in 2023.

Each poem is personal to him, seen through his own mental health struggles, written on good days, and not so good days, and whilst he has found comfort in the written word, by sharing them with you, he hopes you will find the same and you may feel connected to another soul in this often disjointed place we live.

This book of words allows you to look at the world, at your life, and invites you to look inside.

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