Born in Oxford, I graduated from the Open University with a BA (Hons) in Youth Work, a far cry from any sort of creative writing. Despite this, I have always written short stories, scripts, and poems, often about situations I am facing, scenarios I’ve noticed, or because the topic takes my fancy. 

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember (my first script was written and performed at the age of eight) and over the years have experimented in several genres. For a brief period I worked freelance for my local newspaper, and I continue to write copy and edit newsletters to keep my hand in.

We each have stories to tell, and whilst I’m not ready to write my autobiography any time soon, I often draw inspiration from my careers past, from working front of house in the theatre to performing on a variety of stages, from being a pastoral worker in schools to now running my own wellbeing business, from managing charities to volunteering within Scouts. There’s a plethora of experiences to draw on, and often a character or thread of an idea may merge with another in my writing.


As I build up my publishing portfolio, I continue to enjoy the mini successes of being published in local newsletters, Writing Magazine, having a play, All at Sea, performed in 2019 at The Unicorn Theatre in Abingdon.

Having studied a variety of short creative writing courses and workshopped with the likes of Clare Bayley, in late 2022 I began to really hone my writing with the support of Beth Kempton. It was a result of the latter that in 2023 I managed to have my debut single, Don’t Tell Me, appear on Spotify, and publish my debut collection of poems, Look Inside.

Please do take a look around my small but growing site, and if you would like to know more about my wellbeing mentoring business for children and young people, please click here